Koření s levandulí Chodouňskou / Spicy with lavender Chodounska
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Koření s BIO levandulí Chodouňskou  Lahodné koření s levandulí Chodouňskou v BIO kvalitě - mateřídouška a citronová kůra dodá skvělou chuť mnoha pokrmům jako grilované maso, ryby nebo zelenina.     Spicy with BIO lavender Chodounska  Excellent for daily cooking, baking, fresh salads, barbecues or sandwiches. Pleasantly diversify the taste of the dishes of the whole family. Specialy fish and meat specialities. Clean and dried flower brings a large dose of health and the finely chopped straw in which the herb gives the most health to the body and has a very beneficial effect for Day To day meals. In addition, thyme soothes mucous membranes and stimulates healing.

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