Hrubozrnná mořská sůl s levandulí Chodouňskou / Sea salt with lavender Chodounska
95 Kč

Hrubozrnná mořská sůl s levandulí Chodouňskou  Dopřejte si kvalitní mořskou sůl s naší levandulí z Chodouně v kuchyni či koupeli.    Sea salt with BIO lavender Chodounska  Excellent for daily cooking, baking, salads, barbecues or sandwiches. Pleasantly diversify the taste of the meals of the whole family. Clean and dried flower brings a large dose of health and the finely chopped straw in which the herb gives the most health to the body and has a very beneficial effect for Day To day meals. For adults and also for children.  You can also enjoy our salt while taking a bath. 

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