BIO zelený čaj s Levandulí Chodoňskou

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BIO Levandule lékařská obsahuje velkou dávku přírodního ANTIOXIDANTU, ATB a ANTISEPTICA. Je přírodním ANTIDEPRESIVEM a SLADIDLEM. 

Levandule lékařská v BIO kvalitě je od dob Keltů využívána k řeše í problémů trávícího systému, nervového systému a také ke zklidnění celého organismu. 


Lavender Chodounska is from herbal series of lavender medical
– angustifolia munstead.
We are absolutely ekofriendly. We are finding out the best
of the czech tradition in herbalism without any chemical,
synthetic and colored additivesour.
Products are packaged manually by people in protected
manufactures throughout the Czech Republic.
The products from Lavender Angustofolia in BIO quality help us with
stomach pain, migraine, poor digestion, water retention in the body,
headaches and spine of the cervix and lumbar, insomnia, stress, nervous
tension and calming. It acts spasmolytically - so it releases convulsions and
Lavender Chodounska in BIO quality also treats cough, inflammation of
the oral cavity, aphtha and herpes, bronchitis, all thanks to the antiseptic
properties of lavender can heal.
Tea and tiles are an accelerating helper. In case of problems with digestion,
nausea, feeling sick, heartburn, flatulence and abdominal pain. Grease your
sleep with our olive oil with macerated lavender and soothe tight muscles,
cramps, headaches, nervousness, anxiety and fear stress.
For more trouble, treat yourself to tomatoes or salad a day that you love
two tablespoons of lavender oil and enjoy. Use our Extra virgin olive oil with
Lavender in BIO quality for scalp, leg ulcers in the early stages, atopic and
acute eczema, first degree burns, sunburn.




Kategorie: Čaje / Tea

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